Surveying FAQ

What type of survey do I need?

The type of survey that you will need depends on many different factors. It is best to speak with a surveyor to determine what type of survey you will need.

Why do I need my property surveyed?

  • When purchasing or selling land
  • Before land is subdivided by deed or subdivision
  • When a lending institution or title company requires a survey
  • Before building a house, fence, septic system or other improvements close to the property line
  • When required by local authorities prior to the issuance of a building or other permit
  • For drainage planning, topographical and subsurface utility studies
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates for flood insurance
  • When the property line location is in question and/or an encroachment is suspected

Do you really know where your property boundaries are? Is the neighbor’s fence or shed, addition, etc., really on their property? Have they maintained all county/city setback requirements and building restrictions?

Where does my structure set exactly on my property?

Good question to have answered if you’re planning an addition to your house, or shop. Could be the
determining factor with regards to addition size, height, etc…

A surveyor will be an impartial party and can assist with the location of proposed structures, utilities, road location and grading.